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Building a Building (Updated)

I am not yet quite done with this, but it has been AGES since I posted an update.

This took me a while.

I usually enjoy tedious tasks, but boy oh boy if these bricks did not test my will to its limits. All 12,000 of them. Each receiving some degree of personal attention. I think I could have done 90% less work for a finished product that was 10% uglier, but I am happy with that extra 10, I guess.

The base structure is insulation foam. The trim and molding is bass wood, styrene, and EVA foam. The windows are clear PVC. I designed my own font for the window painting, which I painted on traditionally.

I'm working on finishing the smaller windows on the side. After that, I'd like to add some more paint details and perhaps some lighting (such as a neon sign).

I feel like there are more things that I should tell you, but I'm just going to show you some pictures and then leave. Please shoot me an email if you have any questions.

As always, there are some shortcomings in my progress pics. I'm trying to be better.

I went on a long trip home, got sick twice, and most importantly, started a few other projects while working on this, so I think I'll have more to show very soon!

Thank you for reading!

UPDATE: I finished the windows on the sides, so I added a few more pictures to this post.

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