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I Made Some Appliances

Hiya, pals! I'm back to share some more fabrication-y things from my long-in-gestation short film! When last we talked I showed a glimpse of that armature. Since then, I've been working on many things, but the most complete (and most exciting!) are some brass appliances.

I've not done a lot of metal work in the past, but its something I've found that I really enjoy. I could really see myself working primarily on armatures and rigging. It feels like making actual, tiny machines, which is what 5-year-old Jon would want me to be doing.

I wasted a lot of time making these as practical and fully-articulated as possible, which the film doesn't completely necessitate, but I was learning and having fun. I guess that's how I always do it.

I made the fan first. It's not motorized or anything, but it rotates and has a telescoping neck. Here are some pictures of that:

The lamp was next. There is a warm white LED wired into it, and the neck is fully adjustable. The wire is a little thicker than I would have liked, but I've decided not to hate it.

So, there you go. I have a few more things to do on each, but they're getting pretty close. Honestly, I don't have a TON left to do overall, but that doesn't necessarily mean it won't take a while. See you next time!

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