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Forest Experiments

I've been sort of noodling around with this in the background for a while now. I'd like to keep working on it, I think, but I've stared at it for so long that I can't really tell what it looks like. Maybe that makes it a bad candidate for this little update, but here we are.

I have this hazy image of an overgrown clearing that's based on a misremembered middle-school reading of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It really sticks with me, even though I think I made it up. This is me sort of edging up to that, I guess.

It's underdeveloped and overdeveloped simultaneously, and I'm hoping that snapping this photograph, uploading it, and stepping back for a while might help me see it with new eyes.

I really like simple, graphic shapes and colors, so I'm always trying to start there without scrubbing away all of the texture.

Hopefully I'll be back with more once I wrestle with it for a while.

I have a few other things I've worked on in the last several months, but they're all under wraps for now.

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