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Iron Maiden

I made an Iron Maiden for my new short film. I'm actually done with the whole thing. I sent it to my friend who does sound design. It might be a while before I get it back, but I'll try to post some pics of odds and ends in the meantime. Here's this Iron Maiden:

I went through a handful of design revisions. I roughed it out in Castilene (never used it before/it was fine), then made some two-part quick rubber push molds (never used that stuff before/it was scary). Then I cast the two halves in weird, slow-setting epoxy that gave me some pretty okay, fairly hollow plastic positives.

I painted it. Added some chains. Made some hinges.

I think the contrast between the shiny interior and the oxidized exterior is at least partially inspired by the chalice from The Last Crusade, but it was sort of a subconscious decision.

I'm starting a new puppet, so you'll start to see stuff about that soon. Hopefully I can upload the new film soon (if it doesn't violate the ToS on every video hosting site/fingers crossed). Peace, y'all!

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