Sculptural Interlude

It's been a while since I sculpted something just for the heck of it. I had a hunk of clay that I didn't like, so I decided to use it up on this fella. It's based on a drawing my brother did of Frankenstein's Monster while he was reading the novel a few years ago (I'll include a pic of it at the bottom). I was fairly faithful in the early stages, but I made some changes as I went along. Once I figured out what I wanted to work on next, I gave myself a time limit on this so I didn't get distracted for so long. If I mess around with it some more (and I might as its just sitting here on my desk), I'll add more definition to the hair and teeth in particular. (MY BROTHER IS MARK HARTMAN)

Frog Puppet

I made another puppet. Some more foam buildup. My visual goal was similar to the last one, but I think this method didn't serve this puppet as well as the other. I was fairly worried about it throughout the process, but I think it turned out alright. With these puppets, I'm trying to minimize texture and focus on simple shapes and bold colors. It worked very well on the previous puppet because I made thin sheets of colored latex and then "clothed" the puppet. When simply applying latex in layers, as with this frog's skin, texture control is a lot more difficult. I used the "latex sheet" method for the backpack, and it was DELIGHTFUL. It would be hard for me to express how much I enjoy t


So, uh, it's a big day for my website. Here's my short. Don't show it to kids. Or the elderly.

Puppet Time

I made a puppet. It's built on an armature that is similar to the B&S one I just made, but I wanted to keep that bad boy open for tweaks.

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