Completed Armature

I made a head. For the final puppet, should I use this armature, I might add a bit of structure to give more support to other parts of the face. This has a lower jaw on a hinge, a swivel joint that connects the lower part of the head to the upper, and a second swivel joint that connects the head to the neck. This fella will have a partially exposed skull, and I want to maximize (or at least more than minimize) the independent movement of the lower jaw. the head was a lot of fun to make, especially after making all of those sandwich plates for the limbs and torso. I'd like to be more inventive with the other joints if I do decide to do a second pass. For now, I think I may work on more su

More Than Hands

This is most of the rest of this armature. Ignore the scary dungeon basement backdrop. I'm working on the head now, which I think is the most complex part after the hands. Once I finish the head, I'll likely go back through and try more complex joints in some places (in addition to redoing the hands). I'll continue to call this a "first pass," generally.

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