I'm not very good at naming things. My senior film Bar is, so far in my short career and relatively short life, my largest and most representative project yet. For better or worse, I own this film completely, from concept to fabrication to animation. It's been screened at several national and international festivals, and more importantly, it won me an award for "Weirdest Film" at the SCAD graduation showcase. Writing this long after finishing, I have a lot of retrospective feelings, both positive and negative, that I'll try to leave out of my account. The concept stage was far and away the most difficult part, as it often is. I have an unhealthy obsession with neon lights. I'll get that

Space Guy

In my junior year at SCAD, I worked on a collaborative fabrication project called Space Guy. Due to sudden personnel changes over the course of the quarter, it was a very troubled production, but I'm still very proud of the outcome. Our goal was to fabricate and animate a short film amidst all of our other classes. The "film" ended up being a rapidly animated (but still quite long, given the circumstances) proof of concept. I was responsible for fabricating the titular puppet as well as designing the set. My collaborators assisted in constructing the set, building the robot arm, and dressing the set with props. Before we even began working on this project together, I started fabricating


In an effort to provide further context to my work, I intend to convert what were essentially slideshows into blog posts that detail each of my projects. You'll find that the dates on the first few posts will not be an accurate representation of reality, as I'm essentially reformatting my back-catalog. Typically, I try to take as many pictures as possible, but as you'll notice, sometimes when I get my groove on, I miss a few steps. I hope you enjoy!

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